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Precisely 8days ago I posted an article which Tiwa Savage and her record label boss, Don Jazzy unsurprisingly didn`t find funny at all as the duo are not accustomed to this sort of negative albeit legitimate article being directed towards Tiwa. Consequently, Tiwa communicated her feelings to me (I give her credit for that) while Don Jazzy wasn`t as brave but instead went on twitter to make some insinuations about me. I must say that even on twitter Don Jazzy still wasn`t brave enough to tweet me directly as he knows he will get an instantaneous response from me which will definitely wipe off the smile from his face.


  • It is absolutely positive to be critiqued as it combats against complacency
  • That the article captioned “The story of Nigeria and the karaoke singer named Tiwa Savage” was only intended to wake you up from slumber and not to undermine your career
  • That the sun does not shine from your pretty behind
  • That you should learn to take criticisms in the chin and move on with your career
  • That you should wear a bulletproof vest whenever you are dealing with individuals who never critique your work as they are the most deadly.
  • That the text you sent to me after reading my article which read “I appreciate your point of view. All the best with your design label. God bless” was sent to experts to be decoded and guess what? It came back as “I hope you fall off third mainland bridge, Emmy” so I reckon next time I drive through third mainland bridge, I have to be careful, VERY CAREFUL, lol.
  • That I, Emmy Collins never meant to harm your feelings and I am sorry if you felt hurt. I was only expressing my opinion which I am guaranteed under the constitution.
  • That I still stand by what I said about your stage performance and desperately hope that you will prove me wrong someday soon.
  • That this is neither personal nor the end of the world so simmer down.
  • That when Beyonce was caught lip-synching, she shut her critics up with that out of the world performance at the super bowl.She never sent internet attack dogs out to deal with it so talk to Don Jazzy to back off. He is acting like spoilt a brat and that doesn`t augur well for the goody two shoes personality you love to portray.Do what Beyonce did,SHUT ME UP,PLEASSSSSE
  • That it is absolutely naive bordering on stupidity to think every individual must love your music or stage performance.

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