Faux Feminism


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I am a feminist even though I am not quite sure if a man is allowed to be a feminist. I am a feminist because I believe in the equality of man, and by man I mean both sexes. I believe that men and women are equal and should be accorded same rights and privileges. However, I am against hypocrisy and against what I termed ‘back yard feminism’ and I will explain. Continue reading “Faux Feminism” »

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This is to Nigerian women only, not men, just women. I’m really not here to use words like ‘equity’ or ‘humanism’ in place of equality in order to shy away from the problem or curry favour the problem we have in our hands.


To not believe in gender equality is to believe or rather encourage the belief in gender inequality and to reinstate the skewed and sadistic attitudes towards women in particular on the subject of gender in our society. By society, I mean Nigeria. With such disposition by women which undoubtedly encourages inequality, the imbalance of female to male interrelationship continues. Mathematically an inequality suggests that two values are not equal, one value is greater than the other. And when we ascertain something is greater than the other, it suggests that it is superior to the other, and the lesser quantity is inferior. Of course, in this case the male is aligned with the superior tag and the female? The inferior tag? Continue reading “Why I believe in gender equality” »

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These are indeed interesting times in Nigeria. In fact, let me rephrase that by saying that these are dangerous times in our homeland. Never have I witnessed fear and DANGER more palpable in the air than now; even the infamous Abacha era didn’t fill Nigerians with so much fear. Those days, you were in the clear as long as you were not shooting your mouth off and antagonizing our then Boeing-aviator- wearing despotic Abacha. Fast forward to present day Nigeria, even the pepper seller in the most remote village in Nigeria that can`t discern the difference between a Minister and a Governor and is totally oblivious to the word “politics” appears to be in as much danger as the folks who dare make their observations public because Boko Haram doesn`t discriminate against any tribe, gender or demography when it comes to apportioning terror. Anyone who can`t feel the danger in the air regardless of his or her location in Nigeria is either in denial or not very endowed with the thinking faculty.


This is the time for the so- called Nigerian celebs to rally their fans together and demand for a change and some urgent proactive actions to stabilize the country but all we get is deafening silence from them. Yes,Boko Haram is discharging terror on the nation but we are also bedevilled with a government that hasn`t quite come to terms with the PRECARIOUS situation we have in our hands. I`m talking of a  government that goes about throwing unsubstantiated accusations by labelling individuals as terrorists simply because the individuals involved are opposed to its position on corruption and other issues troubling our dear nation. Does the government feel we are all schmucks to be led like herds of sheep? Don`t they bother to think that most Nigerians will wonder why these so-called sponsors have not been prosecuted if the government really has proof against them? In a civil society, you are innocent until proven guilty. The government must prosecute these so called sponsors of Boko Haram or quit insulting our collective intelligence. They need to put up or shut up.

Dear compatriots, the aim of this piece is to alert every single one of you to the danger we face. As a teenager living in Liberia, I witnessed the same sort of danger in the air then and it ended in a full-fledged war that snuffed the life out of a huge number of people and displaced millions.If you reside in Lagos and reckon this doesn`t affect you then you are fooling no one but yourself because this has a negative effect on everyone residing in Nigeria.I implore you to ask yourself what it will take to set a bomb off in Lagos.Well,let me help you with the answer.It won`t take much;it is a matter of Boko Haram deciding Lagos is the next target.Our intelligence service is spending way too much time arresting innocent civilians without tangible reasons as opposed to spending resources on intelligence gathering and infiltration of Boko Haram.If this state of insecurity continues unchecked then we are all “toast”.


I still push for supporting the President but he is making it EXTREMELY difficult by his own recent actions which could at best be described as insensitivity and at worst, downright wickedness and indeed disrespect to the families of the victims of the Abuja massacre and every well-meaning Nigerian. I personally felt insulted because my sister lives in Abuja and it could have been her body being carted away in a wheel barrow or a pick-up van.


I call on the President to hand a P45 to each and every one of his advisers because they are either so detached from the reality of the present situation in the country or they are enemies of the President. How else can one describe advising the President to embark on a campaign trail just when we were just reeling from the shock experienced from the Abuja bombing? Does winning an election matter that much to GEJ? Didn’t he say that his re-election isn`t worth the blood of any Nigerian? Apparently, his actions are quite the opposite of his utterances. And that visit to victims of the nyanya bomb blast? What a hogwash show! I wish Nollywood actors could act half as good as the President acted on that visit. I`m not easily impressed but he fooled me totally to the extent that I wrote an article campaigning for support for him. However, being the “GEJ” that he is,he shot himself in the foot yet again by heading to Kano for a political campaign barely 24hrs afterwards.

Ndi banyi agwo di na akirika!

I apologise for harping on or this but this isn`t the time to keep quiet and talk only about fashion and frivolous stuff. Having said that, we must proceed where we must…I don`t know how many of you watched the MTV movie awards last week or thereabout and if you picked out certain individuals that covered themselves in glory on the style front. Well,I thought Jessica looks like a cool millions bucks.

Well, let me dig up some images from the past weeks and see what you folks reckon,


Polo Avenue launches 2014 SS Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana Collection - BellaNaija - April2014004

Elohor Continue reading “Winners and loosers week 17..Jennifer Obayuwana,Bola Balogun,Elohor Aisien,Ruth Osime,Nkiru Anumudu et al” »

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Just last week I went on a date that was dead on arrival; before I went on the date I knew I had very little in common with her and I certainly knew nothing was going to come out of it. Since I was bored and had nothing planned for the Friday night, coupled with the fact that PHCN had struck earlier I found myself sitting with her in an eatery. Anyway, I sat chatting with her trying to find a subject of mutual interest and she at a point she said she prefers the friendship of men. Now she is about the tenth female who I have heard that from, so I asked why and she said “for no reason in particular”.

Why are women their own worst enemies? Or are women their own worst enemies? Is it just something often said by men to keep women down? I often wonder why many women don’t get along with other women or is it a trait that is embedded in the DNA of a lot of women that stokes this fire?

I remember when I was in the University; my Head of Department had this very funny secretary who used to wear up to 6 colors at the same time. She usually sat at her computer playing music, she sang louder if any one passed just so you would know that she sings Britney Spears too and by implication as cool as an undergraduate too. Whenever results of any course were ready, they were sent to her, who waited for the HOD to instruct her to put it upon the notice board. However, based on your rapport with her, she can let you have a sneak peek and if a female comes to ask, she would tell them to wait till it’s pasted. God help that female if she was well dressed, she will never show her the result. I remember helping my female friends check theirs but even though we were sort of close, if she discovers it was for a girl you were checking, she would vehemently refuse.

So do women naturally hate and antagonize each other or are we just blowing it out of proportion? Let us look at Mothers-in-law and Daughters-in-law; it is often a full scale war, up to the magnitude of the situation in Syria (just kidding). Mothers and the wives of their sons don’t often get along, but you rarely hear of Fathers and their daughters’ husbands feuding (I stand to be corrected though). So do women hate themselves and don’t get along like men do?

I often say that a lot of the problems of women are caused by women themselves. It is women who have affairs with married men; they know these men have wives but they still go ahead and sleep with these men. It is also women (in this case mothers) who raise men to believe that they are superior to women and therefore treat them like trash. Just yesterday I saw two women arguing along the road. One woman rear ended the other’s car and they were both arguing about who was right and wrong and it seemed like a war. Of all the times I had been rear ended (many times actually) and how a simple apology from the men involved pacified me; I’m not saying somebody should let go when they rear end your car, but I am leaning towards believing that it was complicated in this case because two women were involved.

So are women really their own worst enemy? Why don’t women support other women? And how are we going to make head way on women’s rights if women cannot band together? Ladies I would love to hear your thoughts on this.





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About two weeks ago, Wasila Umaru, a fourteen year old teenage girl was alleged to have killed her newly wedded thirty-five year old husband and few of his friends by poisoning them during their small wedding party somewhere in Kano State. As I looked at the pathetic picture of the girl, my heart bled for a young life forever ruined by the collective failure of society to address an ill which has left countless female children scarred for life – CHILD MARRIAGE. Continue reading “KILLER CHILD BRIDE – WHO REALLY KILLED THE VICTIMS?” »

Freedom In Nigeria


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In my last post, I talked about us needing a revolution somewhat. Over the past few weeks, a couple of young Nigerians set out to achieve that, “peacefully”, if I might add, but got arrested.

Let’s start off with a young man with the Twitter handle @omojuwa. He has used the power of social media to air his views and try to influence changes in the country. Some weeks back, he organized a peaceful protest concerning the Nigerian Immigration Service debacle in which about 16 people were killed. Unfortunately, in a so-called democratic nation such as ours, he got arrested alongside several other protesters. The news broke out on social media and after much condemnation, they were released. This young man has still not quit, of which  full of admiration. Continue reading “Freedom In Nigeria” »

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Since the recent bombings in Abuja Nigeria, emotions have been running high with so many citizens expressing their anger online and offline. In the midst of it all, I have watched carefully and searched for any statement from religious leaders. For two days, I saw nothing except from a certain Pastor that claims to have prophesied the incident. That wasn’t going to help in anyway so I ignored that and kept on searching. Finally, after two days the President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Orisetjafor released a statement; how happy was I? but after reading it, I must confess I have been left deflated and disappointed. He didn’t suggest any solutions to the Boko Haram issue but simply condemned the act and placed a curse on the perpetrators. Whether that will solve our immediate problems is left for you to decide depending on your belief. Continue reading “Nigeria and our Many Issues:An Open Letter to Religious Leaders” »

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I’m what could be deemed an early riser by nature and that could be blamed on my boarding school days. My best pieces are designed in the wee hours of the morning when tranquillity reigns, because that is my most creative period of the day. Yesterday  wasn`t any different as I woke up at about 3.30am, however, it took another 30 minutes before I could psyche myself out of bed. Usually, my first deliberation often centres around whether to have milk in my coffee/tea or go milk-less. I must have written at some point on my blog that I avoid dairy products because my cholesterol level was once diagnosed to be above the normal level even though I`m skinny and never weighed more than 82kg/13 stones in my life except way back in the late 90`s when my late mum complained that I didn`t look as chubby as other  folks(mums, lol) that are based in Europe so I went back and stuffed myself and then developed this humongous ass that I never knew I was endowed with. I might share a photo if I can find one. Continue reading “In this dangerous time President Jonathan needs us just as we need him” »

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Nigeria is sitting on a ticking time bomb, not one set by the dreaded Boko Haram sect; but one set by years of neglect of successive governments and one that would consume this nation if it is not contained on time. This soon to explode bomb is unemployment and upon detonation, the effects will be disastrous. In a previous article I had tried to establish a correlation between unemployment and higher crime rates, but on a more serious note it is very dangerous for a country to have very large numbers of strong young people who have no jobs or who are under employed. Continue reading “The ticking time bomb” »

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I wish to commence this piece with the old adage “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. A few years ago the then to be President,Jonathan Goodluck conjured up this story about how he never had shoes while growing up and as is the case with every grass to grace story,this gist albeit unconfirmed  sounded very appetising to most human ears and of course we all awwwwwwww-ed, swallowed it hook line and sinker. Did anyone ever bother to check that story out to see if it panned out?I`m not insinuating he lied oh,lol God forbid our “very religious” Presido lied but in climes where journalists take their jobs seriously, someone would  have checked that story out. Up until now all we have is the President`s word unless I have missed out something

Why am I on GEJ`s back? Well, think of tweeting ,Boko Haram jailbreak,photos and you might begin to grab the drift but just in case you are yet to understand where I’m heading, (especially if you are still dealing with the nasty card/darkness NEPA/PCHN dealt you last night), then let me spell it out. Here it goes… Last week I was dumbfounded to read that Yusuf Isiaka Onimisi “ciaxon” has been abducted by the dudes from secret service and his offence was?Wait for it….just tweeting images of the attempted Boko Haram jailbreak.Ideally, our own Jonathan (the same one whose humble background we fell in love with and didn`t raise hell even when he shied away from debating against other presidential candidates) would never have metamorphosed into this one that condones the blatant abuse of fundamental human rights by the Secret Service.The government has been using the SSS to do their dirty jobs recently. This arrest and that of Sanusi and El Rufai by the secret service were simply three arrests too many. They should never have happened. You never discern the true character of individuals till they find themselves in a possession of power and money and the post-election GEJ is an absolute attestation to that so look no further for any more proof.

Let me state categorically, that as an individual who ardently believes that the devil you  know is better than the angel you don`t know, I shall STAUNCHLY support President Jonathan if he can at least guarantee just 12 hours of power daily. Yes, the ultimate target is uninterrupted power but it is so appalling presently that 12 hours would go down in my book as a massive improvement.At times like this, Barth Nnaji comes to my mind.He was our messiah but we, or rather Jonathan got rid of him and we never questioned him. I`m beginning to view this man as “MEAN”, DAMN. And he traverses from church to church weekly? WOW, WOW and WOWWWWWWWW!

Ok,I`m about to vie into an area most people would rather not touch even with a barge pole except a certain lady whom I have nick-named “the multiple ball-ed lady”.Yup,this lady has more balls than most men I have ever come across and I mean that literarily and to buttress my point she happens to be amongst the most articulate Nigerians out there. I sincerely believe that if we have more folks from either gender that are as independent in their thinking as this lady instead of the prevalent herd mentality, we probably would be living a hunky-dory life in Eldorado as opposed to this matter-of-fact hell called Nigeria.Well,if you don`t consider 1 hour of power daily and in some neighbourhoods weekly/monthly  as hell then I say we both have different understandings of the word “HELL”. Anyway, without much ado, kindly read what the “multiple ball-ed”, Victoria Ibezim put up on her status last week “I know no one wants to talk about it to avoid stoking the flames, huh? I will. Curse me today, but thank me later. A Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered former Managing Director of the defunct Intercontinental Bank Plc, Mr. Erastus Akingbola, to pay Access Bank Plc. N212.294 billion. This man is a pastor in one of those prosperity-preaching churches.

A huge chunk of the stolen billions was paid out as tithe offering to this traffic-congestion-trigger-happy pastor on Lagos-Ibadan Express Way. Another female bank thief and ex-convict allegedly bought a private jet for this same man-of-god. Private jet was bought with stolen money. Blood money! Let’s even assume pastor stolen-goods-receiver honestly received these monies without knowing the demonic sources of these gifts. So, the spirit of God does not direct him on these things?

But now that he knows, what has he done to show remorse and true repentance like the disciples of Jesus Christ would do? Now that he is aware that his church is full of armed pen robbers, murderers, polithievecians and extortionists, did God order him to keep mute and enjoy the loot quietly?


Under Nigerian law, a receiver of stolen goods is also a common criminal and no less. The law requires that he be punished severely. Why is this pastor not in EFCC’s net? Why the delay in arresting, prosecuting and sending him off to jail? Why are Nigerians silent about this?

Who put wool over the eyes of 170 million people? Who?”

As expected, the Christian fundamentalists (oh,we have fundamentalists from both religions and not just Islam so don`t get it twisted) went after her with bow,arrow,venom,amadioha,some even invoked the wrath of amdioha and other gods on her so she updated her status with this text “I knew I was walking into a landmine when I made that post yesterday about the rogue banker Erastus Akingbola and his get-rich-by-all-means-and-pay-your-tithes-church. The curses came. Some unfriended me. Some blocked me. This is not the first time I am being unfriended and blocked for criticizing the unprecedented criminality going on in the Christendom. Thank you for helping me create space for new people. Life is too short joor…

But I learned an important lesson. Boko Haram members are not only found in Maiduguri, Yobe and other northern states. There are many more Boko Haram Christians in Nigeria than you can ever find elsewhere. Some so-called Christians and self-acclaimed righteous people would gladly pardon you if you blaspheme and defame God, but will be prepared to kill, maim and make mortal enemies because of a fellow human being like them called “a pastor”.


So, if your pastor has taken over the God Almighty status in your life, and you are prepared to “DO ANYTHING” to defend him, then you have no business demonizing Boko Haram and its followers indoctrinated by fetid doses of false dogma. You are just one of them! You are already a disaster waiting to happen. The only difference is that your pastor has not yet handed over a gun to you to kill and maim in God’s name. And once he does that, the robot in you begins to act.


“The instinct to follow leaders blindly leaves evil unchallenged” J-M Kamatali, 20 yrs of Rwanda Genocide!

Ok that was the “multi-balled” lady expressing her utter displeasure with the obvious fact that Pastors have taken the position of God in the lives of most Nigerian Christians. She would have been absolutely fine and perhaps garnered more friends to herself if she omitted mentioning the Pastor who is God to some fanatical Christians. Anyway I will personally leave you guys with Mathew 24 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ,’ or ‘There He is,’ do not believe him. “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect”. If Jesus specifically warned us about these false prophets such as Pastor Erastus Akingbola and his ilks, so why then aren`t we given any heed to this warning?

Lolllllll, this image of this “loser” CONFAB member went viral last week. Now, we have all had our fun at the expense of this “hard-working” dude.For all we know,this out-of-the-box thinking chap who was perhaps a CONFAB member in 1945 judging from the hair (ok,that was me being the goofy Emmy. I couldn`t resist taking just a “lickle” dig at him,lol) reckoned the solution to Nigeria’s very knotty problems lies in “scrabble”. So basically, he was performing the functions we paid him N12m (about  £48k) but being that he was way too innovative for our myopic minds, we figured him out wrong so instead of him receiving a well-deserved pat on the back, we castigated him. Continue reading “Winners and losers week 15….Chika Ike,Tiwa Savage,Ciaxon,Atiku versus Jonathan wedding,Banky W et al” »