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Nigeria is a country that is awash with talents but just about a handful of these talents get fortunate enough to find themselves in the limelight so it is absolutely imperative that we profile them whenever possible.

The primary objective of this platform from the onset has been to detect mediocrity and mediocre individuals who work ever so tirelessly to pass mediocre acts off as acts of excellence and then ensure that those promoters don`t breath easy.

In the midst of all the mediocrity that Nigerians are been force-fed daily, there are quite a few young men I have the joy to profile as originals and whatever limelight they receive on this platform should be termed as ‘deserved’.

I must opine that the decision to go with these 4 blokes was arrived at after careful deliberations and not  just willy-nilly!

In no particular order, I hereby present to you, Nigeria, the list of my most stylish under 30s. I deem these folks stylish based on originality, ability to improvise to achieve maximum stylish outcome with minimal budget, flair, confidence et al.

The irony of it all is that not even a single one of the folks who flaunt expensive fashion items on social media made the cut due to the simply reason that money doesn`t buy you style;it may buy you stylish pieces but the challenges will hit you hard when you embark on cor-coordinating the pieces.

Some might feel the urge to dispute this list at first sight but I implore you to read through my reasons properly before making decisions;who knows,we might be on same frequency on this one.

May I also add that Ifeanyi Nwunne got on this list particularly because of the vast potentials I detect on him.


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I would literally have to be living in a different country or even planet not to have read words of accolades directed towards Don Jazzy and the Marvin crew (Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, D`Prince, et al) concerning the hit song Dorobucci. However, I`m experienced enough to take such accolades with a pinch of salt as most often than not they are orchestrated and not real so I simply ignored accordingly and moved on. However, my indifference was altered very swiftly when an individual whom I have come to respect as quite discerning towed the same line as Don Jazzy`s army of fans.

Don Jazzy, thank you for showing the world that musical artistry resides in Nigeria too!!! It doesn’t get better than this…lol
Click on link and enjoy the video… Entertaining mix of Marvin All Stars!!!”.
These words forced me to listen to the lyrics of Dorobucci for the first time. I must confess the first time I came across the word ‘Dorobucci’, I thought it was some Italian song or even movie and I`m not even trying to be funny. Anyway, after a few rewinds on this song, I must opine that I couldn`t have disagreed more with all the ‘Dorobucci’ lovers.

Please find below the trail of conversation that ensued between my friend and I – Continue reading “My take on Dorobucci,Doro Fish,Doro me,Doro you,Doro mega” »

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Yes, I raise my hands up in admitting to the fact that I have been somewhat lazy lately.The more I procrastinated writing, the more events were mounting up by the minute.Well,I`m back now so I`m going to avail myself of this opportunity to sink my teeth into a few of the past events and so below is my take on some of the events that occurred over the week.

 Israel/Palestine War

These two have been at it for decades upon decades with no end in sight.I guess they will be taking a breather aka ceasefire soon,restock and then exhibit the same craziness a few years ahead from now.We have seen this strategy so many times in the past that we are fully acquainted with the modus-operandi by now.It is quite heart-wrenching to witness the brains of kids being blown off just because some adults can`t understand that there isn`t any military way out of the ongoing butchery .It wouldn’t have been  as disheartening as it is presently if they would leave the civilians,infants and women out of their madness.I don`t know who is gonna come out of this the winner but one war Israel will never win is the propaganda bit of this war.No words of defence put up by Israel as a reason for the bombings and killings of innocent civilians can justify the powerful nauseating image of the lifeless bodies of kids being blown into pieces for no fault of theirs.

Please,don`t misconstrue this to mean that I`m on the side of Hamas on this wanton craziness.As far as I`m concerned,Hamas and Israeli Govt are both SICK!

Tuface Idibia`s album Launch

Ok,so I was invited over to Tuface Idibia`s 6th album launch on the penultimate weekend and I obliged. On arrival, I quickly took a few interviews before pushing my way indoors to meet a few pals. One would have thought that album launch gigs are an apt excuse for the so called Naija “shaki” meat celebs to let their hairs down but instead they were there “forming” till about 2pm when I decided I have been bored enough and left.


On a positive note,I must affirm that Tuface has been on top of his game for more than a decade now and therefore merits every iota of love he gets;any smart and young artist must borrow a page from his book.I recollect stipulating in one of the interviews that I love Tuface because he never marketed himself based on his Biceps,six packs,12packs or how much money he has but his music which says something every time.The Iyanyas of the music industry must understand that when someone pops-up with 15packs the groupies will swap allegiance sharp sharp. Hence, it is in their best interest to sit their asses down and come up with lyrics and beats worth listening to. Bobbi Womack was recently deceased but I can guarantee that his soulful tunes will still keep people company on sad lonely nights for years to come.


A few months back I did mention on this platform about an Alitalia personnel who took advantage of my emotional state after missing my flight, to rip me off. At least he thought he succeeded in ripping me off but it has come back to bite him in the butt .Now,this is the gist; shortly before boarding the flight to London, I discovered that this chap invoiced me for 21k instead of the 42k flight upgrade surcharge I coughed up as I was desperate to catch the next flight after missing the one I was originally booked to travel with. I sent this chap a polite text hinting that he was messing with the wrong individual who detests being messed with so it might be a great idea to return my 21k.However as we say in Igbo “nkita ọnwu na achọ igbu na esolu isi nsi banye na ini ozu,so this chap never listened to the voice or text of reasoning and therefore never returned my money.


A few months afterwards and after several text messages and a few calls, I finally popped into Alitalia on Wednesday and I almost regretted it as I could have sworn this dude was about to have a seizure.Well, I politely whispered into his ear that I have come to collect my money and the interest accrued. While he was still mucking about with the hope of convincing me that Alitalia doesn`t invoice for all the payments it receives, I quietly went to the supervisor and calmly explained to him that if I didn`t get my money and fast there will be hell to pay which might and should include the rogue ticketing staff losing his job.As always, people recognise cogent threat when you are not shouting but at the same time making your point VERY firmly. I made the options available to him comprehensively and they included (A) refund my money or (B) lose his job. All this while, a few customers who were in the vicinity never heard my voice but I knew a certain someone, aka, the ticketing staff  pooped  in his underwear as the incidence progressed. Well,the supervisor recognised that I wasn`t mucking about and swiftly asked him to refund the money he stole which he did. Now, I have promised myself that if anyone steals from me in this manner I would always ask for 100% interest as my take is always that the person extended an unapproved loan from me to himself/herself so any interest rate I demand for must be non-negotiable. This works all the time and if you don`t believe me, ask a certain male Nigerian menswear designer who reckoned it was a brilliant idea to steal a million Naira from me and had to refund it with huge interest after literally grovelling for hours not to be exposed.Well, I never promised I won’t expose him and if I did promise him that,then I lied as I will reserve a few pages in my book to narrate this story to act as deterrence to people with such a mind-set.Anyway,in summation,I received my 21k and 100% interest. I believe in the Law of Moses,an eye for an eye plus a couple of teeth to boot.Basically,it is my belief that when folks steal and you merely recover the exact amount they stole or even less then no effective deterrent has been put in place.


After missing my flight I was so emotionally distraught as my daughter was already excited about my return so I trusted this chap and explained to him that I was desperate to travel on the next flight and would gladly cough out whatever necessary to make the next flight but instead of him showing compassion to my predicament all he was brainstorming about was how to step on a man who was already down. Well,if you are going to do that to me,ensure I never garner enough evidence to roast you because when I do the story won`t include a happy ending for you.We don`t hold people to account for criminal behaviours in Nigeria hence they retain audacity to commit these wanton irresponsible acts continuously

Onye akpana nwa agụ aka na ọdu ma d ọdi ndụ ma ọnwụlu anwụ!

Anyway,what has happened to the style credibility of the Mavin crew(not that there was anything worth writing about their style) i.e. Tiwa Savage,Don Jazzy et al.At some point they were doing ok on that front albeit not great.I have bumped into the duo twice in as many weeks and I couldn`t help but head to the toilet to have a well deserve cry on their behalf,DAMN.Well, I implore you guys to view their images below and decide for yourself.

Please check back tomorrow to view my list of the most stylish Nigerian men.I selected these folks based on their original view on fashion and the best bit is that they are all under 30 so whilst the present appears bleak,the future is actually very bright; suffice to say that there is shining light at the end of the very dark tunnel after all.

Have a great short vacation.


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When it comes to fashion, I have always been one to preach in favour of affordable fashion.As a student, I never had enough money to buy provisions in school but I can guarantee you that my fashion never suffered immensely as a result. These days however, affordable fashion has become more accessible with high street shops cropping up at every nook and crannies in European cities while plenty of cheap Chinese manufactured garments find their way into African cities as well so it beats me as to why folks on a budget shouldn’t step up their styling.I`m still proud to walk into Top Shop or Camden to pick up cheap stuff that don`t appear cheap;it is called “mix and match” whereby you mix very expensive fashion items with cheap ones and I must opine that it works every time I do it.One doesn`t even have to mix the “expensive with the inexpensive” nowadays, “cheap and cheap”works as perfectly as “expensive and inexpensive”.At the end of the day it isn`t about what you are decked up on but how you coordinate them and the sort of energy you ooze out.If you walk into a room dressed in your£5(N1400) top/blouse like you own the damn room, people will automatically equate your garments with the higher value than they are worth.

The young lady below seems to have mastered the art of making “cheap and cheap” seem like “expensive and expensive”. Your personality and the energy you ooze out can either debase or inflate the value of whatever you are wearing regardless of how expensive or inexpensive.

In view of this conviction of mine, I am currently chewing on avenues to bring affordable fashion close to Nigerians,even more affordable than what we have presently on and at the moment.I really would like to have a situation where someone armed with N10k can afford to purchase good/stylish top, bottom and footwear. This is my intention and I`m seriously working towards making it become a reality. I’m also inspired by the obvious fact that more often than not, the individuals I honestly view as stylish in Nigeria aren`t exactly the ones who can purchase expensive fashion items and then brag about them on social network but the ones that do improvise to achieve stylish outcomes.

I must stress that money definitely makes styling a whole lot easier, that is if you are endowed with flair. Money extricates the aggravation you experience trying to figure out in your head while you are right at the store in front of the store sales assistant whether purchasing that gorgeous top you just tried on and loved would affect your ability to pay your house rent or energy bill for the month. As a designer, I would definitely appreciate to be in the position to afford any fabric I desire to work with so it would be very hypocritical of me to affirm that money is irrelevant with regards to fashion however, let there be no iota of doubt that money can be by-passed to achieve positive outcomes if one is endowed with flair.

May I take this opportunity to apologize for going AWOL last week. This might happen again I must warn but I promise never to miss two weeks on the trot.I`m working on a project which you guys might get to hear about shortly but in the meantime please bear with me. I’m also thinking of adding videos occasionally and re-designing the site. The name of this platform will be changed also for certain reasons which I will uncover to you guys when the time is appropriate.

Have a great week and may the good Lord grant you all that your heart desires this week.


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It was only 4am in the wee hours of the morning when I woke up and realised I had run out of coffee. So I had to make do with mint tea which wasn`t of course my first choice. I fought and won against the urge to wake my niece from sleep as I have politely asked her never to touch my last spoon of coffee; if she must touch it then she must either replenish or at least inform me so I could pop into the supermarket to replenish. Well,Teddy(bear) Pendergrass playing softly from my sound system didn’t do a bad job of dousing off my frustration regarding the unavailability of my early morning tonic, (coffee) in the house.  So to Teddy, I say “thanks buddy”.I really miss Teddy. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like clothing Teddy with all of his 6ft plus.Terry had it all going for him, the look, the charisma, style,pretty women/woman but above all these,dude had immense SOUL.May his soul rest in the bosom of the lord.

The world just lost one of the last soul men,Bobby Womack.I don`t know about you folks but I`m definitely gonna miss Bobby.I was introduced to Bobby by an English girlfriend a long time ago when she invited me to his concert at Hammersmith Apollo and I have been hooked ever since then.Why are all the great ones bowing out when we need their tunes to maintain our sanity the most during this insane period across the globe.The world has totally gone bunkers!

Are you feeling it like Teddy is doing here?

If Style was animated today,it couldn`t be more innate if it had tried.

Ok,let`s take it to second base jare as Abamieda,Fela Anikulapo Kuti(another great one gone) would say. Since we are on the subject of music, what will be more apt than to grant the requests of some of you asking me to analyse and out the offenders at the recently held BET awards.I Emmy Collins here by grant your request so here we go buddies!

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Nigeria is burning


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Fire, fire everywhere! The President plays with fire and the people dance around the fiery flames with him, dutifully replicating the reckless grins of Doyin Okupe on BBC HARDtalk with Stephen Sackur. There was a time this arousing fire was a mere skirmish, easily covered up and pampered to suit the aims of the culprits, who are eventually let go with kid gloves and not dealt with radically by the indifferent elected and non-elected, superimposed officials. It is obvious… Nigeria’s cup is full!  As lightening travels from the ground to the clouds, so would this fire travel from North to South. And this macabre dance around this fire would end in a cataclysmic array of charred, blackened, unrecognizable Continue reading “Nigeria is burning” »

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Fashion is my bread and butter and I`m frighteningly passionate about it. Personally, anyone who transits from movie,music  or whatever industry to fashion will be watched very suspiciously by me and would never be accepted until such a person proves his/her passion for fashion. I believe that the music industry would   view me suspiciously as well if I suddenly have an epiphany and decide that music is my calling regardless of whether I can carry a tune in a bushel basket or not.Now, why am I blabbing about this?Well, here it goes.When I read that D’Banj has lee-nized his name and that of all artists signed to his label,my first inclination was to deem it utterly dumb.Poko-lee?Who does that?Anyway since there is a saying that goes “never judge a book by its cover”, I decided to keep as open my mind as possible until I listened to whatever any of the artists including Tonto Dikeh intended to churn out after the lee-nization of their names;after all the proof of the pudding is the eating they say . I felt that perhaps there could be some magic in the new names.I must admit it was a herculean task *applauds self* but I totally succeeded in purging my mind of the fact that I was one of the folks who suffered untold nightmares after just a minute of listening to the crap that served as Tontoh aka pokolee`s debut single.Ok,what I have been going on about is that I just listened to “Sugar Rush” from Tontoh(Pokolee) and for all I care the title of that song should have read “delusion Rush”.All I fathomed after listening to that song was that this was a young lady who is deluding herself that she can sing.I sing better whilst taking a shower. For D`Banj to reckon that Tontoh Dike is what he needs to resuscitate his south-headed career, really says a lot about his present mindset.I double-dare D’banj to argue with a straight face that he signed on Poko-lee/Tontoh Dike for the love of arts rather than to generate internet buzz.It is understandable that D’banj is certainly alarmed to read some of the negative comments from his fans and non-fans alike regarding his career, as every artist (including myself) loves to be genuinely applauded for the quality of his/her work done. However, methinks the succour to D’banj won`t and will never come packaged and labelled “Tontoh Dike or Poko-Lee” because she has no musical talent,KPOMKWEM.Having said that, I must concede to the fact that this is Nigeria and I have seen worse people put food,scratch that,put “more than food” on the table by operating in industries they don`t have any reason WHATSOEVER to be involved in so who knows “Poko-lee” might yet hold the magic wand for D’banj. MEDIOCRE sells and lives in Nigerian creative industries.

If D’Banj still believes in himself, my honest advice will be to disappear from the scene and go somewhere very quiet, hibernate, think and then resurface with something worth listening to.I`m within my rights to opine that D’Banj owes me and everyone who listened to that “Sugar or coffee rush” some money even though I realise that we are never going to ever collect it. What his contemporaries are up to at the moment shouldn`t be what drives D’Banj into releasing such utter nonsense.Yes,I understand that there is some sort of “quota system” going on in Naija music label whereby every label is expected to include a lady idiotically referred to as the “first lady”(how unoriginal) in its rank and file but why Tontoh?I genuinely like D’Banj so it hurts me to discuss his situation in this manner but I`m an ardent believer in the concept of “spare the rod and spoil the kid”. The truth must be told regardless of how unpalatable. It has to be back to the drawing board for Dapo. Can he bounce back? Well, I don`t know to be honest; it will depend on how much he believes in himself and the strength of his mental state!Till a man is 6ft under, never count him out totally!

Now to an issue very unrelated to music.This past Saturday I hired bricklayers to plaster the walls surrounding my house. Yes o, the walls aren`t plastered yet but the interior is 98% done so I ain`t paying no rent to any shylock landlord on Lekki or VI,hehehehe.I promise to post pictures of the crib alongside my story when the crib is done and boy do I have a story to tell! I reckon every Nigerian in diaspora venturing to climb the property ladder in Nigeria must read this. Does the word “Omonile ring a bell to anyone,hahaha? Anywayyyyysssss,apologies for the deviation.The moment the bricklayers walked in,I mentioned that a portion of the wall isn`t straight and suddenly one of them asked, wait for it “were these walls erected by a Nigerian bricklayer?” Yes, a section of the walls aren’t straight and I will pull it down at some point but it isn`t dramatic and none of them would have noticed it in a million years but na me and my big mouth find wahala.I don`t deem straightening that part of the walls a priority at this moment; what the priority to me translates to at this  point is to  interlock the compound and vamoose to a saner clime in search of inspiration as the generator noise is providing any inspiration to me. Why a Beninese,who resides(legally or illegally) and earns his living in my country would talk about my country in such a derogatory manner and in my presence baffled me.Yes, mediocre abounds in humongous proportions in all industries in Nigeria.It is obvious that most Nigerians don`t invest in their craft anymore,don`t have passion or talent and only delve into certain industries just for the money(Tontoh Dike comes automatically to mind here). But and it is a huggeeeee BUT,I will be damned if I`m gonna sit back,fold my hands and watch while a foreigner steps in and openly takes the piss at my countrymen and then get paid by me while he is at it. The irony of the entire incident was that the walls in question were erected by his compatriots, YUP his compatriots from Benin republic. Well, keep reading this article and I might tell you guys what my reaction to this ingrate was because in Igbo we say “onye apkakwana nwa agụ aka na  ọdụdụ ma odi ndụ ma ọnwlụuanwụ” .

Readers, we have now arrived at that point where we analyse the events and fashion (mishaps) or otherwise of the past few week(s).We could go back a few months or years if we are inclined to do so.

On the 15th of June, my team and I set up an Emmy Collins pop-up store at Prive Bar and Lounge on Karimu Ikotun,Victoria Island.Without much ado, I hereby post some of the images from that event below


Emmy Collins.

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Earlier in my career, I constantly used to experience panic attacks whenever I developed a mental block.A mental block is what creative individuals experience sporadically. It could be a designer’s block, a writer’s block but all block na block,lol. A block translates to that period when a creative individual be it a designer, writer, singer, song writer et al isn`t inspired to create. Now, if you aren`t familiar with this the condition, you might delve into panic mode thinking you have lost your mojo but it is most times a temporary situation and the best cure from where I stand is simply to step away and just have fun while waiting for the inspiration to sip in again. I’m aware that not a few of you guys might be thinking “ok, but why are you telling us about this?Well,all I`m striving to achieve here is to kill two birds aka nnụnụ with one stone. Basically it is my own style of apologising for not posting this article as and when due but at the same time explaining the reason for the anomaly. I was desperate to get this piece out of the way last Friday but experienced the aforementioned “writers block”. However, the inspiration started trickling in this morning at 3am while I was half asleep. So I woke up,grabbed a cup of coffee and began penning this piece down.

Anyway,last week I mentioned how I planted a huge kiss on my Dutch passport when I blinked and saw the scoreline at 4 goals to 1 in favour of the Dutch against the Spaniards.I also did specifically stipulate that I was hoping to plant an even BIGGER kiss on my Nigerian passport after our game with Iran but that kiss didn`t materialise for a reason well known by all that watched that game.Well,that postponed kiss happened this past week because our boys went in there and took care of business without any embellishment; they simply got the goal they needed and defended as if their lives depended on it to extract the all imperative three points. However,I must opine that this isn`t the time to rest on our laurels by holding hands together and singing kumabaya (lord come by here) as there are still more hurdles and thorns along the way amongst which is a certain gigantic hurdle called Argentina.

Did you guys witness or read about the “RICE ELECTION” as was displayed in Ekiti State.Now,Ekiti has been touted as one of the most literate states in Nigeria so to the Ekitians I ask “wetin happen?Una fall my hand o,big time”. Yes,that election might have been adjudged as being free and fair but was it really?How fair can an election be if bags of rice were shared freely even while voters were queuing to cast their votes? Besides the battered limps of Inyaya bombing victims, the images of voters clutching their 5kilo bags of rice as if their dear rice, oops I meant” life” depended on it, must have been one  of the most depressing and disgraceful sights of the year and I pray I will never view such again. Sometimes I believe it is fair to proclaim that the poor in Nigeria deserve PRECISELY what they get from the government. How else can one explain a situation whereby a politician deprives you of the basic amenities of life such as good clean water,motorable roads,education et al and then turns up at your door with bags of rice and then you shamelessly receive it and then vote for him once more to put you through the same trauma all over again?It just doesn`t add up.INEC must and should ban this disgraceful act and to every electorate that accepted those “TINY” bags of rice I say “If this government turns out to be a rogue government, then I hope 5kg of rice(osikapa) sustains you and your family for the next 5yrs when you might get the opportunity to receive another 5kg of rice”. Nigeria defies logic sometimes. The feeling from here is that of bewilderment, disappointment and anger. Why and how do we let these heartless politicians get away with such things time and time again? Even the poor should retain some dignity and respect for themselves. By rejecting those bags of rice,the electorates of Ekiti State would have sent out the message loud and clear but instead, they let the opportunity go begging. I guess it might be fair to opine that the candidate that doled out the highest number of rice won the election “fair and square”.Please note that the “fair and square” as used here is tongue in cheek.

Anyway,let’s talk a bit of fashion before we delve into ensembles showcased by our usual and not so usual culprits. A private client that was unable to pop into our pop-store at PRIVE restaurant/bar last weekend requested for a catalogue to be emailed to him or an assistant sent to his office with some pieces. However, since he is a friend and one that appreciates and respects my work, I promised to do something better by promising to tag along with my assistant and make recommendations. Yes,I offer free styling to my special clients. We agreed on 15 shirts and every single one fitted him like a second skin. My greatest joy as a designer is not when the cash or cheque hits the palm of my hands but when I view the smile of satisfaction on a client’s face and boy,did I receive that smile in great proportion! One other major thing that gladdened my heart was the fact that this dude wears a size 5XL which is chest 50/52 yet our shirts still offered iillusion of curve to him and made him appear two sizes smaller. I have said it in the past and I reiterate “anyone could look cool in a shirt if it is properly cut”.With the appropriate styling, we can all look cool.Find what makes you pop and stick to it; screw the trend.We don`t do trend at Emmy Collins and never will, hence our slogan “Never in Vogue,Never out of Vogue”.I will be posting images of me wearing some garments I designed about 10years ago,YUP,you heard right,10years ago and how cool they still look today.

When my store was launched at 43 Awolowo Road Ikoyi,I guess my biggest size was chest size 46, but now we have chest 56 and will strive to extend it to accommodate special clients.Shortly we will arrange photo shoots with big models to showcase how cool big can be when the appropriate pieces are employed in the styling.

Pheewwww,that was me selling in those two paragraphs;man must wack na, but it was the gospel truth nonetheless;NO BS.

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A close friend of mine was involved in some international business recently which involved importation. I was involved in the transaction as it was something that relates to my sector, so I acted as a form of consultant. The communication with the company (which is in switzerland by the way) was going very well until we mentioned that we were in Nigeria. The tone of the emails changed, and hurdle after hurdle was set for us to cross until the transaction eventually went through. I was livid at some point and told my friend to terminate, but he asked me to be patient, that we were both guilty of something he called “doing international business while Nigerian”. As you can probably tell, their alarms went off as soon as we mentioned Nigeria, the same way you could easily get pulled over in the USA if you are black and driving a car and the exact same way you will be thoroughly searched if you are a Muslim and boarding an international flight. Continue reading “Ethnic Profiling in Nigeria” »

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Ok,the world cup is here and I am more than adequately represented. Now what do I mean by “more than adequately”?Well,let’s just say that I have two countries in it. Realistically one,Nigeria ( my country of birth) is targeting the semi-final spot ,my second country, the kingdom of the Netherlands (my country of naturalisation) is in for a win and what a better way to send that message out loud and clear than thumping the defending champion,Spain by a resounding 5,YES!,5 goals to NIL.Now,can anyone imagine what the scene at the Bulldog Coffee shop,Leidsplein, Amsterdam would have been on that day, considering the fact that weed(guuf,anwuruike,igbo,ganja) is legal and bulldog is one of the joints where on entrance you are presented with a menu of assorted weeds from across the globe to choose from.Back in my bad-boy days, we would be right in the thick of it all with a few chics smoking our heads off.Well,that was then, presently I don`t even stock a drop of alcohol in my refrigerator talk less of putting anything that emits smoke in my mouth. How time changes!

Anyway, when the scoreboard miraculously became 4-1,I quickly dug this little red book (below) out of my drawer and planted a passionate kiss on it. Hopefully I shall be planting an even more passionate kiss on the Green one beside it come Monday evening. This goes a long way to portray that most things in life are doable provided the right mind-set and work ethics are employed.Van Persie proved that flying dutch men do indeed exist.The phrase “flying dutch men” wasn`t just coined for the heck of it;there was a reason as was shown by Van Persie.

Ik ben echt echt trots op de jongens.Wat nog mag it zeggen?

Now,that was football.Let`s progress to arts which is a topic that I`m always very animated about. While flipping through stations yesterday,I bumped into this soap series and OMG, I have never encountered a bunch of untalented actors in just one TV series in my life time and I sincerely believe it would never happen again because you can`t have two of such rubbish shows in one country at the same time; it would be too brutal to discerning minds,WHATTTTTT?.I`m very aware that in Nigeria we encourage and even pay top dollar for mediocrity but not even Nigerians can handle a taste of double whammy of the crap I saw yesterday especially now that the country is at an edge. I`m tempted to mention names of the actors who were  in the integral parts of this eyesore called SOAP but Netherlands won yesterday and I`m in a magnanimous mood so I will withhold names on this occasion. They were however very close to bringing the nasty Emmy back again because if this were to be months ago, I would have named them individually and told them in no polite terms to apologise to the nation for that debacle. The actors on this soap were names I would never fuse into the same sentence with acting and yet they were there bringing shame to themselves and the country.Yes,I was ashamed for them and myself because they are people I know personally and have their numbers,bb pins and the most painful bit is that I love them as younger brothers. Why people are so desperate to transition into every industry even when they have “Zilch” talent to venture into such industries beats me but then again this is Nigeria and all that matters is visibility. You must be visible regardless of how many people you put off their morning coffee with your charade.

The bloggers must be held absolutely responsible for this assault on the creative industry by bands of charlatans. For a few weeks now, I have shied away from being the conscience of the nation as Nigerians are so deeply entrenched in their ways sometimes that it is too cumbersome to even venture to correct them as they will rather suck you into their rubbish if your mind-set isn`t strong enough. I know this because quite a number have tried to inculcate the negative bit of the Nigerian mindset into me but they met a brick wall. Even when I`m in Nigeria, my mind-set is tuned to New York,London,Amsterdam,Florence,Milan et al.Why? Well,I have to maintain a different mind-set from the prevalent one in the Nigerian creative industry or risk allowing mediocre and stagnation into my work and I can`t have that. Someone needs to take the bull by the horn and put these things into discourse intermittently and I will multi-task to do that as much as I can while ensuring that my label isn`t hugely starved for my time henceforth.

Anyway,let me quickly sift through a few images here as I`m surrounded by dedicated folks trying to get us ready for the Emmy Collins POP-Store slated for tomorrow,15th June at PRIVE Bar/Lounge, 5B Karimu kotun off Akin Adesola.Yes,it is Saturday the 14th and if this article isn`t sorted today it will never see the light of the day.

Enjoy the rest of the week guys and don`t forget to follow us on Instagram via EMMYCOLLINSLONDON and twitter @emmycollins. Also check out our diffusion line EC by Emmy Collins on and

My advice for the week is “keep true to yourself” because in the end you wouldn`t just have passed through this world but you would have made a difference.If you can’t make a difference then your existence doesn`t make any difference

Love you guys.


PS: I promised myself to refrain from wasting time on some the folks on this article but I`m in the mood for some mischief.It`s been long since someone totally cursed me out. I miss that really.*winks*.Ngwa,hit me!

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khloe kardashian

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